About Glenn

Glenn & Katie

I was saved at an early age and taught to love and serve the Lord. I was called to preach as a teenager, and had a godly family and pastor who encouraged me to prepare for the ministry. In 2005, I began my studies in evangelism at Ambassador Baptist College in Shelby, NC, a college founded by Evangelist Ron Comfort.

The Lord has given me many different opportunities to serve Him during the past several years. I have been able to work alongside my pastor in many different capacities such as soul-winning, youth work, preaching, etc. I have also been deeply involved in camp work as an activities, music, and a program director.

Upon graduation, I entered the ministry of full-time evangelism. Since that time I have had the joy of preaching numerous revival meetings, teen meetings, and teen camps in the United States and other countries, including Romania, China, Japan, the Philippines, Canada, Trinidad/Tobago, and most recently, Russia. I was also privileged to further prepare for the ministry of evangelism by traveling under the leadership of several different seasoned evangelists.

My wife and I travel full-time to declare the Word of God, to the glory of God, for the purpose of revival and evangelism in churches wherever God leads.

About Katie

I was raised in a Christian home and heard often how Christ died to save sinners. When I was nine years old I fully understood my need for Christ and I placed my trust in Him, and Him alone, to save me. A few years later, I surrendered my life to Christ for whatever He wanted. It was at that point that the Lord clearly put it on my heart that He wanted me to marry a preacher and help him with ministry and music. What the Lord put on my heart that day stayed with me until I married “that preacher”.

After graduating from college, the Lord then led me to the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, TN. While serving there, I was asked to travel with an evangelist and his family for a season. During those two years, the Lord taught me so much about Biblical revival, traveling in an RV, and much more. Little did I know God was using that time in my life to prepare me for being an evangelist’s wife! It was also during that time that God allowed me to cross paths with Glenn in a revival meeting. It is certainly wonderful to see God’s plan unfold in HIS timing!

Some might ask “How do you like living in an RV full time?” Well, let me tell you I LOVE it! It is SO special and refreshing to have the comforts of home all the time, even when we are in unfamiliar places. Sure, there are days when it seems very small. And, there are certainly a lot of adjustments to make from home-living to RV-living; but, when the Lord directs you somewhere, He always provides the grace for living there. I would not give up this wonderful life of seeing God work, people saved, lives changed, as well as enjoying the exciting adventures of travel!