Back To The States

My time in Krasnoyarsk, Russia has been filled with blessings and I look forward to sharing what God has done and taught me in weeks to come. Most of all I have learned that the Revival Truths written in God’s Word are not reserved for one select people group, but rather for all God’s people no matter their location on the globe. The spiritual needs of the Russia are great, just as they are in America. However many times as American’s we (I) fail to remember that God’s promises extent to every part of the World. With the exception of my first Wednesday night in Krasnoyarsk, I was given the privilege to preach in every service and the people’s desire to hear and learn from the Word of God, specifically about revival, brought great liberty in the pulpit.

The Northcutt family went out of their way to make me feel right at home during my three and a half-week-stay in the country. I was kept very busy the entire time but the refreshing fellowship and encouragement from all the missionaries was definitely a mountaintop experience.

I have now landed in Moscow and after a four hour layover, I fly back to New York and then to Charlotte, NC. Thank you all for your prayers during this trip, but please continue praying for this upcoming year of meetings. Between my traveling with several different evangelists, and my few meetings here and there, particularly teen camps and retreats, God has miraculously filled my itinerary. To God be the Glory!

Many of you have mentioned how much you have enjoyed my blog updates and requested that I continue to use this format for my updates while on the road. I will do my best to keep these updates coming and look forward to hearing from you all.