Settled & Strong

What it Takes to Have Assurance of Salvation, By Evangelist Troy Carlson

God wants us to have confidence that we possess eternal life. That assurance is available to every person based on the principles and promises of God’s Word. This book will answer your questions, help you determine what spiritual step to take, and give you what you need to help others enjoy this confidence as well.

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Do You Mind If Your Kids Don’t?

By Dr. Bill Rice

Are God’s promises still valid today? Does the Bible give answers to today’s parenting issues? Yes and yes! In Do You Mind if Your Kids Don’t?, Evangelist Bill Rice III encourages every parent to believe God’s promises and to live by them. Parents can still rear godly, obedient children when they decide to follow God’s way.

This book gives helpful, straightforward teaching on everyday issues that parents face within the home. It will challenge your thinking and give you the tools you need to train your children.

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Cowboy Boots in Darkest Africa

By Dr. Bill Rice

Read Dr. Bill Rice’s captivating stories about his missionary trip into the jungles of Africa.

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Tweets, Posts, & Pins

Scriptural Guidance for Social Media, By Evangelist Nathan McConnell

Social media has connected millions of people around the world. Add to the connection the explosion of data-connected devices and we get the buzzing, bustling world of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. In Tweets, Posts, and Pins, Nathan McConnell offers biblical principles that should guide a believer’s use of social media. This book demonstrates that the use of twenty-first century technology is still governed by the timeless truths of God’s Book, the Bible.

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Does God Care About What I Wear?

By Dr. Rick Flanders

Bible-believing people should care about their dress in light of what God’s Word says. This booklet by Dr. Rick Flanders will help you to understand what the Bible says about dress and why you should care.

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Which Greek Text?

The Debate Among Fundamentalist, By Dr. Charles Surrett

This book presents a case for the Textus Receptus, the Greek text from which the New Testament in the King James Version of the Bible was translated. The purpose is to shed more light, and less heat, on the debate. This is not a book about name-calling or character assassination, but is a factual way to account for statements from the Bible about itself.

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First Light

354 Daily Devotionals, By Evangelist Will Rice IV

First Light will encourage you to see God’s presence every day. The devotionals will use scriptural truths to bring reassuring messages of comfort, grace, and encouragement as well as help for difficult times of change, grief, and loneliness.

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Back to Normal

Understanding Revival, By Dr. Rick Flanders

Learn what revival is and the biblical responsibility we as Christians have in seeking revival.

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