Clio, Michigan – Towed Again!

What a wonderful week of meetings in Clio, Michigan! And, praise the Lord for arriving in time for the Sunday services. I left North Carolina a day early and spent the night in West Virginia hoping that if less stress were placed on my van in one day, I may not have as much trouble. However, when I was roughly ninety miles away from Clio the van lost all power. After getting over to the shoulder I tried to get the van running again but with no avail.

I was somewhat out in the middle of nowhere, but was rejoicing that I had AAA Roadside Assistance and praising the Lord that the van broke down within one hundred miles of my destination! At first this seemed insignificant but when I discovered that AAA would tow me all the way to my destination with no charge to me, I knew the Lord was in control. Is in not WONDERFUL to know God NEVER leaves His throne!

One Monday Pastor John Flanders and another servant of the Lord helped get my van to a nearby mechanic and within two hours it was diagnosed as a failed alternator, repaired quickly, and released. On top of all that, the Lord provided exactly what was financially needed for the repair from two sources who had no idea of the need!

Praise the Lord as well for the work he did this week in the services. In the mornings, I had the privilege of preaching to the teenagers in chapel, and in the evenings, to the children, while Evangelist Billy Ingram preached the evening revival service. I am specifically praising God for the work He did in the lives of many of the teenagers who got things right with God as He had dealt with them, both in the areas of sin, and surrender. Many other decisions were made toward revival, and the testimonies given the last night of the meeting were a clear evidence of the power of God.