Evangelistic Crusade, 100th Anniversary – Dunbar, PA

It seems as though Evangelistic Crusade Meetings have become rare or even non-existent in the recent years. As to the reasoning behind their sudden disappearance or obscurity, I am unsure. However, I am convinced that the God of yesteryear is the same God of today, and praise The Lord for preachers who have a burden for both evangelism and revival.

This past week I had the joy of preaching an Evangelist Crusade Meeting at Dunbar Baptist Church in Dunbar, Pennsylvania. What a privilege it was to join with Pastor Bob Wrachford in prayer, soul-winning, and preaching the Glorious Gospel during the church’s 100th anniversary. During the week we saw many come to Christ, some of which had been prayed for, for quite some time. Among those saved was a teen girl who was invited by a friend who was in the church youth group. As she listened to the Gospel it became very evident she was under Holy Spirit conviction. When the invitation was given she was the first one down the isle to trust The Lord. Afterwards, with radiant joy she commented that she had never heard the ‘good news’ of the Gospel before, and was amazed that God could, and would rescue her from Hell and give her a home in Heaven with Jesus. She also expressed a burden for her friends that needed what she had just found. The following night she brought one of her friends with her who heard the Gospel, but did not respond. Please continue to pray for this young person to trust Christ.