God’s Provision – A New Truck

Several years ago the Lord graciously provided a Ford, Windstar minivan for me drive as I travel from meeting to meeting. During these five years I have seen the Lord do some amazing things through and with the van and I continue to praise him for his provision and protection along the many miles. However, many different mechanical issues had begun to arise during the last couple of months, and after being towed several times during a three month time period, it became quite evident that it was time to begin seriously praying about a replacement vehicle.

Once again God has provided! This time the vehicle is 2004 Chevy 3500, dually, heavy duty truck. No, the gas mileage is not anywhere near ‘good’ but it is quite evident, in many ways, that this is the vehicle God has for me right now. The truck also came with a Reese fifth-wheel hitch and I have already begun to pray for God’s timing and provision for a fifth-wheel camper to call ‘home’. Pray with me about this and Rejoice with me in the LORD’s provision!