Happy Thanksgiving from the other side of the world!

The services last Sunday and Wednesday went very well, both in Krasnoyarsk and Atomanovo. I was privileged to preach four different times, all through an interrupter, and the Lord’s power and work were evident. When we drove out to the village of Atomanovo on Sunday afternoon the weather was beautiful but very cold. However, our drive back to Krasnoyarsk, after preaching the Atomanovo service and sharing a small meal with the people, was very different. When we left the village it had already begun to snow and before long it went from a blizzard to a white-out. I have only been in a complete white-out a few times before, but this was far different than anything I had ever seen. Although the trip too us quite a bit longer than usual, the Lord kept us safe, and we made it back to Krasnoyarsk without incident.

Most of Monday was spent in Elita helping Dave and Dee Sterling move a 150kg (330lb) roll of linoleum for their new house as well as move a piano to their basement. Normally moving a piano down a flight of stairs would be difficult even with four men. But I never imagined I would be guiding a piano down a slope of ice and snow hoping that it did not turn into a sled. The next two days were spent helping the other missionaries in remodeling projects both in Shila and Krasnoyarsk.

I did learn one VERY IMPORTANT lesson this week: Several years ago when I worked construction in the States it was not unusal for me to carry a handful of nails or screws both in my tool belt and my mouth. However, I learned very quickly that when using nails or screws in sub-zero weather, do not ever hold them in your mouth. I got the surprise of my life!

Because of the layout of Krasnoyarsk, and the surrounding villages, the missionaries in this region have very limited contact and fellowship with one another. So, when American holidays take place, all the missionaries get together and make it a very special event. This Thanksgiving was no exception. I may have missed several weeks of my hunting season this year, but I did not miss out on the Thanksgiving food or fellowship. There were five missionary couples and seventeen kids together this year for Thanksgiving in Siberia. I can guarantee you that the food I had here this year was far better than anything you could have imagined. And the missionaries were very thankful for those individuals who sent the American Thanksgiving canned-goods in my suitcase.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and may the Lord richly bless you all as you count His many blessings.