Is God Still Working?

Summer 2014 Ministry Update

As summer has come to a close and fall is beginning, I am amazed to recount all that God has done!  The summer began with three weeks of both junior and teen camps at Wildwood Christian Retreat in the mountains of West Virginia.  What a thrill it was to serve the Lord in this ministry again and to work alongside a willing and surrendered staff.

As always, when God wants to work, the enemy would like to hinder that work, and this camping season was no exception.  During the first week of camp, we encountered an incredible storm that knocked the power out for most of the week.  But God still worked, and, in spite of the damage from the storm, the camp was still able to operate.  God blessed and we saw many life-changing decisions and several teens come to Christ!  Another thrill is that I am continuing to hear of results from what God has done is still doing as a result of this summer.

The meeting which followed was at my home church in Fairmont, West Virginia.  It was so exciting to see how God’s people had been praying and preparing for this outreach to the youth of their city.  There were over 115 different contacts and 26 of those trusted Christ.  To God be the glory!

One of the young men that trusted Christ during that week told the personal worker, “I tell everyone I’m saved, but I’ve never trusted Jesus to forgive me of my sins, and the Bible says I’m going to hell.  I need to trust Jesus tonight!”  One young girl told the pastor, “I got saved last year and I need to be baptized, but my mom won’t come.  Can I still get baptized?”

It is the opinion of many today that God is no longer working in His church. This conclusion can only be made from an incorrect view of God!  It is my conviction that God IS working, and that revival (normal Christian living) IS taking place, and will continue to do so as God’s people return to Him.

I also praise the Lord for the way He is continuing to fill my schedule and how He has blessed His Word in recent meetings ranging from West Virginia to the Carolinas.  Thank you all for your constant prayers and support as I travel and preach, and may the Lord bless you all as you seek to faithfully serve Him.

Your servant for the cause of Christ, and, All for His glory,
Glenn Stevenson, 2Tim 2:4


  • Many salvation and revival decisions
  • God’s provision and travel protection
  • Several unexpected preaching engagements


  • Upcoming 2014 & 2015 schedule
  • Upcoming recording of a second music CD
  • Mission trip possibilities for the end of this year