Lost In His Kindness

For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD.

Psalm 117:2

We have found ourselves amazed, and in a way, lost in Christ’s kindness towards us the past few months. No matter what has come our way He has continued to show us HIS kindness. It is often easy to call God ‘good’ when life is ‘good.’ But God’s goodness and His kindness never alter based on our current circumstances! We have personally seen the incredible kindness of Christ the past few months through His provision, His protection, His peace, and His faithfulness.

In our last update we asked for prayer concerning the new truck the Lord had provided for us. The shipping situation had delayed the delivery of our truck bed by over five months and some other parts needed for an engine repair were delayed for several weeks. Thank you for praying! God allowed not only the shipping delay but also a manufacturer mix-up! The manufacturer incorrectly shipped a much more expensive aluminum truck bed but they offered to give us the aluminum bed for the cost of the steel bed if we would just take it off their hands! God also allowed the parts for the engine repair to come in and be installed a few days before we hit the road and He provided new front tires!

Shortly after a wonderful meeting in Richmond, VA, I began experiencing some excruciating pain in my stomach. I had been having similar pain for over a year but the pain would usually subside within a few days. However, this time the pain was much more severe and would not go away. After ‘toughing it out’ just over a week, I noticed my skin and eyes beginning to turn yellow. At that point I realized something much more serious was going on and I drove myself to the ER. The doctors immediately ran several tests and discovered that I had a seriously infected gallbladder and gallstones. They also discovered that a gallstone was trapped resulting in a blockage that was beginning to shut down the other organs. The doctors said that if I had come in any later it would have been too late. Two surgeries later and a few nights in the hospital I was able to come home. Although my strength and stamina are slow to return, I am thanking the Lord for His kindness! I am feeling better than I have felt in over a year, and the Lord’s timing was perfect! We were in-between meetings and not on the road when all of this took place.

After a few weeks of recovery, we got back on the road and headed west to the West Branch of the Bill Rice Ranch in Williams, AZ. We arrived safely and are praising the Lord for His kindness and protection as we drove across the country. The Lord has allowed us to serve at West Branch for the past several summers and we are thrilled to do so again. Please pray for me specifically as I preach this summer. The doctors have cleared me to start preaching again but have cautioned me that it could take several months or up to a year before I am physically back to normal. More importantly, please pray for God’s power in preaching and that hearts will be tender to His working.

Your fervent prayers for us and your texts, calls, and emails of encouragement have meant so much to us, especially over the past several months. We thank God for you!


  • The truck is fully outfitted¬†
  • Glenn’s protection in surgery
  • Safety in travel


  • Glenn’s continued recovery
  • West Branch camp ministry
  • God’s power in preaching
  • Upcoming ministry projects