More Vehicle Problems

A few weeks ago, while on my way to Indiana for a meeting, I began to experience some serious vehicle problems. I was driving on I70 just outside of Washington, Pennsylvania, when the van started running extremely rough. I then looked in my rearview mirror and noticed the front passenger side tire fly off my van and over the nearest cliff.

I was able to get the van off to the shoulder and began to unload the back so I could access the spare tire underneath. This ordinarily would not have been an issue, but when I tried to release the spare tire the nut snapped, making it impossible to access. Thankfully, AAA was able to tow me to a Sam’s Club at the next exit where the Lord miraculously provided me with two new front tires, and where I was informed that I was in desperate need of a front-end alignment.

After a wonderful meeting in Indiana, I headed back to Charlotte, where I set up an appointment for a front-end alignment, only to discover that the entire sub frame of my van was rusted out and hanging by two bolts. The mechanics I dealt with said that my van was ‘unsafe and hazardous to drive’, and a new sub frame would cost me between $800 and $1500+. But after several phone calls, I discovered that the sub frame was covered by a manufacturer’s recall and would be paid in full by the manufacturer.

Praise the Lord with me, I now have my van back and am ready to hit the road again. Please pray with me that Lord would continue to keep my van on the road.