Preaching, Moving, & Remodeling

The past few days have been filled with the Lord’s blessing and much has been accomplished. I have been able to help the Northcutt family remodel their kitchen, the Dean family move some of their things to their new apartment, and the Jones family with graphic design work for the upcoming furlough trip to the States.

The remodeling and moving have taken quite a bit more time than in the States mainly because most of the buildings in Krasnoyarsk are built out of solid cement rather than brick, wood, and sheet-rock. In other words, any building or remodeling projects are very tedious. Also, when it comes to moving (in -8* weather) all the boxes and furniture must be taken from a top floor apartment, down the elevator (or stairs), to the street, to wait for a small canvas covered truck to take everything to another apartment complex to do the same process in reverse.

Last Wednesday night I taught the children’s class and was able to speak in English. Praise the Lord! No interruptions. The children all came to church in their snowsuits and boots, and dressed in them again after the service to play in the snow until their parents were ready to leave.

On Saturday I will head back to Shila to help continuing the church ‘rebuild’ since the fire that destroyed the church last year. Please continue to pray for my travels and for the upcoming services on Sunday. I will be preaching three times in Krasnoyarsk on Sunday and am looking for God to do something great.