Servant’s Heart Teen Camp – Ramey, Pennsylvania

It has been a thrill this week to be at Servant’s Heart Teen Camp in Ramey, Pennsylvania and God has done a tremendous work! I had the privilege to meet Brother Jim Fry and his family when I was in Bible college and have been thrilled about the camp ministry God has called them to start. Recently the camp was able to purchase a beautiful new facility in Ramey, Pennsylvania and this is their second year at their new location.

Unfortunately, the camp still has no running water, facilities, or electricity and are waiting on the utility ‘proposals’ to be approved by the state before any of these luxuries can be installed. Pray with us about this, that God may allow the proposals to be passed quickly and the construction may continue on the new property.

During this week we were able to see God do a tremendous work in the lives of many teens and countless victories were won by and through the Power of God. One of these victories took place in the life of a young lady who expressed her need for salvation at the beginning of the week. Throughout the week she was prayed for and encouraged to give her life to Christ but she continually reject. But praise be to God! On the very last service, she yielded to the Holy Spirit’s conviction and trusted Christ as her Savior! She told me later that she did not know why she had waited and could not believe how ‘amazingly free’ she now felt after trusting in the Lord as her only way to heaven. Praise the Lord we do not base our salvation on ‘feelings’ but it sure is wonderful to ‘feel free’. Amen!