Spring Update

Our spring travels began in LaSalle, Illinois to fill the pulpit for Pastor Wesley Waddle at First Baptist Church. We thoroughly enjoyed reuniting with so many familiar faces and look forward to revival meetings with them in September.

From Illinois we made our way to Dunbar, Pennsylvania, to be with Pastor Bob Wrachford and Dunbar Baptist Church. We saw God work in many wonderful ways during this week of revival meetings.  During the week, we had the opportunity to make several specific and personal visits to share the Gospel.  During one of the visits we were allowed to go through the entire Gospel with a man who, although respectful, resisted greatly to the Gospel. He did however accept our invitation to the meeting and attended several nights.  Please continue to pray for this man.  He has not trusted Christ as his ONLY way to Heaven yet but he does seem to be growing more tender.

We met many special people that week, including an elderly man who was hard of hearing. He came to the evening prayer meetings even though he could not hear much of what was being said.  On one of these nights he made a comment that has remained in our minds. He said, “I may not be able to hear with my ears anymore, but I can still hear that still, small voice in here” (pointing to his heart). Oh that more of us would listen for that Voice!

Our next meeting was in Franklin, Pennsylvania, for a week of revival meetings at the Baptist Temple of Franklin and Pastor David Foote. We had an Easter sunrise service followed by Sunday School and another Sunday morning service. During the morning service a young husband and wife came forward at the invitation to trust Christ! This couple was met on door-to-door visitation just the day before, and before the week was out, the newly saved couple had brought another one of their friends to Jesus!

We finished up our spring travels at Grace Baptist Church in Urbana, Ohio, with Pastor Aaron Samples. The church hosted a special teen rally over the weekend and two teenagers trusted Christ! On Monday night, the church planned a special ‘Great Commission’ visitation night and close to 15 teenagers came out. The Lord worked and two other young people came to Christ that night during the visitation! It was certainly a special time to see these trust Christ and to see a youth group’s desire to serve God.

Something that the Lord has showed us very specifically in our spring travels is that God STILL works through one-on-one personal encounters. Wherever you are, and whoever you come in contact with, do not give up in spreading the Gospel! God wants to use YOU!

Your servants for the cause of Christ and All for His glory,
Glenn and Katie Stevenson, 2Tim 2:4



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