Teen Snow Camp – Wildwood Christian Retreat

What a joy it was to preach the teen Winter Retreat at Wildwood Christian Retreat in Tunnelton, West Virginia this past week and to see God work in so many wonderful ways. There were about twenty-five teens in attendance for the two day retreat, some coming from as far away as South Carolina. In addition to the attendance, it was a special blessing to have snow this year, and the amount of eight inches was more than some of the teens had ever seen.

The Lord also worked specifically in many of the young people’s hearts during the retreat. Many got right with the Lord concerning their sin and claimed His promised cleansing. To God be the glory! The heart-cry of Wildwood has always been that campers leave different than the way they came. One young man said he had been trying to have victory over various sins for years, but because of constant failure, he had given up all hope, and stopped even trying. He then began to rejoice in the promises of the Bible and the decisions he had made to depend on Christ for victory, rather than himself. He said, “For the first time in years, I’m free!” Another young lady, said she had never even considered the fact that she need Christ to live the Christian Life (Jn15). She said, “Now it makes sense!” Praise The Lord! The Word of God does have the answers for ALL of lives problems and revival is possible, even for teenagers!

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