Youth Revival – Jacksonville, FL

I once again had the privilege of being with Dr. Jim Van Gelderen and the War of Special Forces this week in Jacksonville, Florida. The Lord did an amazing work in the Christian School and the church youth group. Many young people dealt with specific sins such as wrong music, parental relationships, television/Internet habits, cheating, drinking, smoking, etc. After one of my messages, one young man I dealt with said he was having trouble simply obeying his parents the way he knew he should. When I took him to Ephesians 6:1 I noticed for the first time exactly how the verse reads: “Children, obey your parents in the Lord.” Again I am amazed at the simplicity of the Christian Life! It is never about me ‘trying to do better’, but rather it is about me allowing Christ to live His life through me, to accomplish His purpose.

Another young man I dealt with in the Christian school told me he had been listening to bad music. When I asked him what genre the music fell under he said ‘Hip-Hop’. After taking him to Proverbs 19:27, which says, “Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge” I asked him why he thought ‘Hip-Hop’ was wrong and I was astounded by his simplistic answer: “It calls good, what God calls bad.” Praise the Lord that the victory promised is possible and available to every Christian, and we are given all we need to live the Christian life through Him!

On top of these great victories we saw close to twenty teens come to Christ during the Wednesday through Friday night evangelistic rallies. Most of those had been invited at early morning bus stops before school. Others came from nearby public schools where we were given amazing liberty to pass out invitations. Please be praying for those who trusted Christ. Many of them expressed a desire to be in church the following Sunday.