And Yet You’re Sinning Still

When Moses led his people from Egypt’s sunny plain,

From bondage sore and grievous, from hardship, toil, and pain,

They soon began to murmur against the sovereign will;

Forgetting God’s deliverance, we find them sinning still.

When Moses on the mountain had talked with God alone,

Receiving His commandments on tables made of stone,

The people brought their jewels, the sacrifice did kill,

The golden calf they worshiped, and kept on sinning still.

How often when your dear ones were lying near to death,

You earnestly entreated with every passing breath,

“O Father, spare my darling, and I will do Thy will!”

Your prayer was heard and answered, and yet you’re sinning still.

When sickness overtook you, when sorely racked with pain,

You said if God would spare you, you’d bear the cross again;

He gave you strength of body, He gave you strength of will,

But you forgot your promise, and you are sinning still.

How graciously the Saviour has lengthened out your days!

His mercy, never ending, is guiding all your ways.

O brother, heed the warning, your broken vows fulfill,

Lest death should overtake you, and find you sinning still.

Oh, flee the wrath impending, and learn His gracious will,

Lest Jesus, coming quickly, should find you sinning still!

written by Evangelist J.G. Dailey, 1892

Public Domain