Great Hope Baptist Church – Chesapeake, Virginia

Praise the Lord for a wonderful week of services at Great Hope Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Virginia with Pastor John Godfrey and Brother Allen Halleck. God’s people were such a blessing throughout the week and we saw the Lord do many great and mighty things. Among those ‘things’, we were able to see over 112 young people in attendance during the morning Vacation Bible Schools, 19 souls trusted Christ as their Savior, 4 souls made assurance of their salvation, and several others fully surrendered their lives to the Lord’s service. Many other decisions were made during the Sunday and Wednesday night service and we praise God for His faithfulness and power of His Word.

What a joy and encouragement it was to see God’s people genuinely concerned for the souls of children. So many individuals were working and praying diligently behind the scenes throughout the week and the prayers of God’s people were rewarded with abundant fruit. Praise the Lord for these faithful servants of Christ!